100 cabinets of concert quality brainwashing bass
Laser professors manning multiple areas
Huge main classroom trussing & lighting setup
Wall to wall classroom decorations throughout
Instructional film and video projections
Classroom props and decorations by 26C
Go-Go Girls dancing on the teacher's table
Live oil painting taught by 26C resident Jason Henry
Yearbook pictures in our sticker photo booth
Bean bag & inflatable chair department
Massage artists in the corner where the teacher can't see
Outdoor off-campus smoking spaces
Massive industrial cooling fans in every area
Clean restrooms maintained by Janitor Jack

Giveaways throughout the night from Chronic Candy, Globe, Panic 39, Bassix,, Bass Assault, AP Streetwear, and 26C
Vinyl & Mixed CDs from Phunked Up Records, 26C, and various performers

The first 250 people to arrive dressed in the Detention theme will each receive a free bag of goodies from 26C containing a few party supplies and a special surprise that we're making just for people who attend this event. We now have 500 of these surprise items instead of 250 like the flyer says.

We're planning a really special propping-out of this event, unlike anything you've seen before. We'll be decorating the entire venue with wall to wall, floor to ceiling decorations in order to make this event truly themed. Everything will be day-glo colored and blacklight reactive, and we're bringing in tons of blacklights to make everything glow to the fullest.

We've also just hooked up with a couple of new friends to display some fresh artwork at the event. These are completely original paintings and murals created by local artists, on display for the first time ever at a party. If you are an artist and want to display your work at a 26C event, hit us up.